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google adsense Google Adsense Opportunity Review

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Google AdSense Opportunities

Google's AdSense has helped to turn many hobbyist web sites into legitimate businesses. They use targeted text based advertisements according to the content on your pages.

Earnings vary according to your content and the amount of people that click on the advertisements. Google has a comprehensive list of policies and terms and conditions, but we think they're all quite acceptable in order to maintain the integrity of the service.
The good thing about AdSense is that you are paid for every click rather than only when you sell something (like most affiliates). AdSense's ability to show advertisements relating to the text on each page automatically is also a great feature.

The unobtrusive manner in which Adsense can be displayed is a major drawcard to publishers, especially to those that detest the big bright, blinking, flashing, and sometimes singing banner ads that often had to be used to make a living. Google Adsense displays text advertisements (image ads are now optional for publishers) that can be adjusted to fit the look and feel of your website. There are also a wide selection of sizes to choose from.

Relevant Targeted Ads
Advertisements are displayed according to the content on each page. This is a major advantage over the usual affiliate ad networks. Rather than just putting up one affiliate banner or advertisement throughout your whole site, Google has managed to target each ad for each web page on your site. So if your website is an online store selling electrical goods, and you do a review on flat screen televisions, there will be flat screen television advertisements displayed. If you do a review on Dell laptops, Adsense will display ads by advertisers offering Dell laptop services or products. Good has a database of thousands of advertisers targeting most keywords, but if there isn't any ads to display for a particular term, the ads will display public service websites (which can also be set to display your own advertisements).

Having relevant targeted advertisements for each page makes everyone happy. The website user is happy because he has found products or services directly related to the information that he was just looking at on your website. And the website publisher is happy because relevant targeted ads means there will be more clicks on the ads as the user is obviously interested in the topic. It's a win - win situation.

Getting Started with Google AdSense
Google has made the whole process quite easy to get started and is constantly working on ways to improve the service for both publishers and advertisers. Adsense is free to join and easy to set up. Simply read their terms and conditions and apply online. If your site has the required qualities you will be approved in a few days and then it's just a matter of putting the code on the pages you wish to use it on.

Google AdSense Criticisms
It's hard to complain too much about the Google AdSense program as there are so few other programs on the Internet that offer the benefits that Google offers. Webmasters do find things to criticize though, with some complaints being:

  • Webmasters cannot discuss their earnings.
  • Google does not disclose the percentage of earnings that publishers receive.
  • Certain topics pay out very little per click and may actually benefit more from other programs. (try it to find out!)
  • Webmasters in forums online often complain of Earnings Per Click (EPC) reducing over time.

Generally it's a great program to use and many thousands of webmasters have benefited financially from it. Just follow the terms and services and all should be sweet. Just don't, Do Not click on your own ads, and Do Not get your friends to click on your ads and Do Not try and encourage your visitors to click your ads!!

Related Google AdSense Websites
First stop is the Google AdSense website. It is worth reading through the rules before getting started though. Once you have broken the rules and been banned there isn't much chance of getting back in..

Secondly there are a professional bunch of webmasters over at the WebmasterWorld forums that can help out with any Google AdSense related problems. Google AdSense representatives have also been known to stop by the forums..

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Google Adsense Opportunity Review

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