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Includes plenty of information for learning about financial matters. Advice and tips to learn about taxes, debt management, credit, book keeping, software, and business law.

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Credit Rating Article Credit Rating Article - by Ellise Walsh - The value of diligently tracking your credit score is often underestimated. Failure to know what is on your credit rating can keep you from qualifying for loans and in far too many cases will cause you to pay higher interest rates.

Tax Tips for Home-Based Business Owners Tax Tips for Home-Based Business Owners - by Vishal P. Rao
- As tax time approaches, many home-based business owners begin completing their forms or paying their accountants with trepidation. This nervousness comes from two sources: a fear of being audited and a fear of having to pay a lot. For the most part, both of these fears are unfounded.

Debt Elimination Article Debt Elimination Article - by Ellise Walsh - It is no secret that most people have too much consumer debt. It is all too easy to just sign your name on the dotted line and run that credit card up to the max. Unfortunately, many users of credit cards seem to forget that eventually the bill comes due, and they may be in for a rude surprise when it does.

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